My Favourite Phase: 16 Months

On the 23rd day of each month, I’m reminded of the day you joined us. The day everything suddenly made sense. Today marks 16 months and you are in the cutest phase that I am simply inclined to celebrate.

The constant gibberish from the time you open your eyes until you close them is amazing. “Da-by-da-by”, “no mine no mine” and “dubba dubba dubba” are seriously the best conversations I’ve ever taken part in.

I’m pretty sure you haven’t sat down since you were 9 months. You’re insane.

However, you’ve recently become so curious, and actually invest your time in that curiosity. You feed dolls with a spoon, love to collect objects and fill containers with them (or just hoard them somewhere), hand things to people and then take them back, stack things on top of each other, push anything with wheels, and of course throw. You clap when something goes your way and say “uh oh” when you drop something. You blow kisses but never on demand. You can say mama, mommy, dada, daddy, yay, wow, bubbles, what’s that, mine, no, bye, ya, more, etc. You love to tilt your head whichever way you need to make sure someone is in direct eye contact with you, and then enthusiastically say “hi!”. You’ve used pretty much every object you/we own as a telephone now and are constantly taking important baby calls. You also turn up the radio and dance. That my son, I am proud of you for. All of this, I am so proud of you for.

I genuinely just love when we get home to your dad and I can tell him about what you did that was hilarious that day.

We are both so in love with you for all that you are.

From the medical road bumps to your next-level meltdowns, it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, it hardly ever is. But it’s been extremely worthwhile. Writing this could never do the love I have for you justice. No words ever could. I truly have no idea how I ever existed without you.

Thanks for the last 16 months my little Bujji boy.


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