New Year New Mama?

The internet can be a savage place with a whole lot of judgment, so allow me to start off by acknowledging my awareness for nobody actualllllyyy giving a f*ck about my personal resolutions.

If you’re Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King out here listing off your new year resolutions for people to read, yes, your audience is most likely genuinely interested in your personal growth plan and what you are up to for another year. (Edit: if you do claim you’re either of those people writing about your 2019 resolutions, chances are I will NOT believe you, liar liar pants on fire).

While those major human influences on planet earth are not actually available, us “mom” and/or “lifestyle” bloggers sure are. (As if there’s any comparison there). With the new year here we have all recently seen at least a few people post a link to their new blog highlighting their “2019 Resolutions”. This being said, not everyone is over the moon about Becky from Instagram’s newfound honest effort to drink more cucumber water, but kudos to her and anyone else who is making the effort to implement positive change into their lives. If the new year is your excuse to do so, so be it!

The thing is, people, Becky knows you are not personally invested in her cucumber water intake, and she doesn’t think you’re sweating in anticipation to find out if she’s going to add mint leaves, too. It just comes down to the fact that writing is simply an outlet for many people. Jotting resolutions down whether on paper or your phones note pad, is a wonderful opportunity for self reflection and awareness. Posting it is also a great way to make yourself feel more accountable, because you’ve now put it out into the world. “I can’t drink this pop because I told them I wouldn’t”. Plus who knows, maybe someone shares your resolutions and you can bond over it via social media. Or even go for a coffee over the whole damn thing. Crazier conversations have occurred, rarer friendships have sprouted!

(Cue crying here)

So now that I’ve went off on a spiel, justifying writing a blog on my resolutions and sharing a picture of ANJANA the Chimpanzee and a wittle tiger cub (welcome to my writing style)… I’ll just go ahead and list those bad boys off now before I make this really weird.

1. Exercise more- not the cliché, hardcore, “I have to start working out so you’ll see me at the gym every single day, asking Becky about more water recipes” but just more exercise in general! I want to feel better about myself post baby, and the gym I recently joined has a little daycare for Charlie, so I can go do my thing (with James helping me because I have no idea what I’m doing) as well as feel human again for a little while! One occasional hour without your baby can definitely do that.

2. Stop saying “mean things” about people. I’ve found myself developing a bad habit where I’ll make fun of people in casual conversation with friends or people close to me and it’s honestly so unnecessary and toxic. There’s no reason to converse about people whose lives aren’t directly affecting our own, and even if they are and the conversation is necessary, I’ve always been a huge believer in putting that kindness and compassion into the world, so I need to not fall into the terrible habit of compromising that.

3. Charlie’s sleep schedule- this was a hard one for me, but when Charlie hit 9 months I decided it was time for “sleep training”, something I swore I’d never consider, up until I actually had the baby. (Funny how that works). We only have about a month left of maternity leave and then he comes back to the infant room I work in with me, where he has to sleep in a crib. Since he’s been 5 months old, he has screamed every time his little body touches the crib, so he’s been sleeping with me every night and for every nap. This left me always trying to wait until he’s asleep to move him into the crib and sneak out of the room. This honestly only worked about 1 out of every 4 attempts. A lot of the time I just went to bed with him, which meant nothing done around the house, little time spent with James, and zero alone time. Charlie’s 2 year old cousin was sleep trained since 9 months and he sleeps flawlessly 12-13 hours a night, so I decided to give it a go. It has went better than I anticipated, and I’ve already found myself having time for things that I didn’t before.

4. Household productivity- now that the “sleep training” resolution is into full effect and currently going well, this one becomes a lot easier to do. We have quite a bit of laundry between my clothes being full of shit, piss, spit up, baby foods, and most likely coffee, Charlie’s all of the above minus coffee but add boogers and an entire sippy cup full of water, and James clothes from work that smell like some serious chemicals, which are a whole new level of must be washed ASAP. I need to be more on top of folding and putting 4 loads a day away. 🙄 Plus the never ending dishes. Those too. Oh and maybe cooking. James does all the cooking…

5. Adding small resolutions onto the year as I go. Not just waiting for this one opportunity. Keep growing as a person- if not for me, for my son.

Aaaaaand that’s all she wrote. These are the 5 things I’m actively choosing to work on everyday in 2019, and like I said, I hope on adding more, little by little. Of course it’s ideal to always be looking for ways to better ourselves, eliminating toxic habits and focusing on positive. My little push occurs everyday when I wake up to the little guy who’s entire being I am responsible for shaping. His face reminds me I can always do more. We can’t teach our children to be perfect of course, but happy and healthy, that’s manageable.

Happy New Year!

(10 days late, but meh, so are my showers these days 🤷🏼‍♀️).

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  1. And truer words have never been said! Stealing 4 out 5 of your resolutions because the babies are now in the terrible twos, frightening fours and tumultuous tween years. Good luck with all of it and enjoy every last “wittle” moment mama.


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