My Favourite Phase: 16 Months

On the 23rd day of each month, I’m reminded of the day you joined us. The day everything suddenly made sense. Today marks 16 months and you are in the cutest phase that I am simply inclined to celebrate. The constant gibberish from the time you open your eyes until you close them is amazing.... Continue Reading →

I Plan On Changing The World

You pick your little sister up for a coffee date and she goes to throw her bag in the backseat, where you have a million things piled up from your recent thrift store splurge. You tell her she might not want to place her bag back there, as she’ll lose it, (quite possibly forever). “Oh,... Continue Reading →

New Year New Mama?

The internet can be a savage place with a whole lot of judgment, so allow me to start off by acknowledging my awareness for nobody actualllllyyy giving a f*ck about my personal resolutions. If you’re Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King out here listing off your new year resolutions for people to read, yes, your... Continue Reading →

Awkward Moments- Mom Style

Perhaps I should have recognized the signs right from the very beginning of this journey. Coming up on eight months ago now, I was smack dab in the middle of giving birth while countless nurses walked in the room, introducing themselves. “Hi Melissa, I’m nurse Carol” I remember turning to James and saying, “Well hi,... Continue Reading →

Infant Activities At Home

Recently, I’ve come across a few blogs where new moms admit to obsessively googling “What to do with baby all day". I’m sure that the majority of us have done this; I know I have. The days spent at home with our littles can definitely become repetitive, long, and just plain boring. Don’t get me... Continue Reading →

Hirschprungs Journey

You’ve most likely heard someone say, “nothing will prepare you for motherhood”. Of course that is true. There’s things that I’m not denying will help, like parenting classes and books. However, there are some parts that are much too raw. Nothing will emotionally prepare you for that moment you first lay eyes on your baby,... Continue Reading →

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